Adraella Sunwhisper
Adraella sharp




Unknown, Old



Alive Relatives

Nessra (Granddaughter), Nareesha (great granddaughter), Ryak (great grandson), Narafin (great grandson), Ardan (great grandson)


Circle of Serpents

Adder - DetailsEdit

Although she is burdened by age, suffering from a heart condition and long since retired from assassin's work; she still has a few tricks in her sleeve. Strictness is in her blood and she has a habit of getting vocal at those who waste her time or joke around.

Currently makes a living as a runic tattooer.


"Can't take pain? Are you a man or a mouse?!" -to Kristeas Sunbinder as he flinched during the making of one of his runic tattoos.

"As long as there's a single Sunwhisper alive, you're not truly alone" -to Ryak Sunwhisper when they first met

"I'll cut off your ears if you fail me, boy!" -to Ryak Sunwhisper when he contemplated on continuing the family business

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