==Adrian's Life

Zazaji of the Darkspears










Ginosaaji, brother.


The Blackblood Clan


Desperately trying to teach her new troll recruits some manners


Adrian is a young Gilnean of the age of 20. He was born in Gilneas 20 years ago, just as the great wall was closed that isolated the nation from the rest of the world. At 8 years of age he began training with his Father , Sidey Wyness, who was a well renouned soldier in the second war for leading the Gilneans offensive in the retaking of StormWind from the Orcs. He was taken into a rogue organisation with his twin brother by his father so they could become great assassins to aid there nation. Since the city was isolated, he was encouraged into organised crime as to test his skills. At 15 these skills were put to the test when he was blind folded and taken in a carrige to a forest at the far south of Gilneas by high officials of the organisation, as Adrian never ventured from the city he was completely he found him self in a completely foreign part of the land. It was in the dead of midnight and he had been walking through the forest for two hours before he found himself at the forests edge, he saw a vast famland, and at the top of the hill were the city lights far into the distance.

He set out accross the field, picking up usefull items along the way until he came accross the a stable, after breaking the lock, he stole a young black horse and road back to the city. He arrived at half two in the morning at the city gates to find himself in an ambush. Several masked men in full black surrounded him with daggers, one lunged at Adrian from behid

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