Aelfhild Braithwaite







Character class

Priest (Formerly), Warlock.


Cult of the Twilights Hammer, Church of the Holy Light (Formerly)


Missionary of the Twilights' Hammer, Deathspeaker.




Eodain Braithwaite, Eorohl Braithwaite, the Braithwaite household in Arathi.


Lawful Evil

Aelfhild Braithwaite was a missionary of the Holy Light, who left her burning household to spread the message of the Light. Unknown to those around her, however, her desire was not to make others see the light, but to use it as a means to control them. Soon she developed a cult of personality of her own, and worked her way to a high position in the Cathedral of Light. The power-hungry Aelfhild was easily corrupted by the infiltrator Archbishop Benedictus, and the Puppeteer became the puppet as she acted his will, gathering more converts.

She used her younger brother, the assassin Eodain Braithwaite to gather some means through which she would be able to 'see off' the Archbishop and take power for herself. However, Eodain found out that he was merely a tool for her, and they had a showdown in Deadwind Pass which culminated in her death, and all of her cultists were killed in one explosion caused by her brother.

Her soul was unable to rest, and her defiled corpse was last seen carried off by a shadowed figure.

It is assumed that she was killed along with the rest of the cult, assuming she was re-animated.

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