Alduic Gunneal







Character class

Death Knight




Syndicate Noble



Overview Edit

Alduic is a Noble of the former Kingdom of Alterac, thus owing loyalty to the Syndicate criminal organisation. With a relatively large following amongst the organisations some what disorganised numbers, control over numerous territories within the Alterac Mountains and a good sum of funding, Alduic is considered one of the most powerful and influential figures amongst the former Lords of Alterac. Alduic is utterly loyal to the Syndicate - As an organisation at least and fervently patriotic. While many, if not most Nobles merely seek to line their pockets, and claw what they can out of their present situation, Alduic has only one goal; the revival of the Alterac Kingdom. Alduic is know for his fervent hatred towards the Arathorians, and the Alliance as a whole. sanity has been questioned numerous times, given the extreme methods he will go to when achieving his goals, and well as the almost sadistic pleasure he takes in the torture and murder of those who stand against Alterac.

Loyalty to Alterac [Coming Soon] Edit


"You are hereby sentenced to die, death is a lucky escape for you. You will suffer Og'tal. Ancestors have mercy on your soul" - Anaei Trollbane

Days after the Syndicate kidnapping of Saihna Trollbane , Alduic and several of his associates attempted to further subvert the Arathorian Kingdom by bring the news of the Queen's kidnapping into the public eye. Disguised as couriers the Syndicate operatives distributed documentation regarding the kidnapping throughout the city, placing them into the hands of lower ranked Arathorians, civilians and their allies. Some hours into the operation, the true identity of the 'Couriers' was discovered, leading to a stand off between Alduic and several Arathorians within Stormwind's Old Town. Stormwind Guards of the Blazing Shields Regiment responded to reports of commotion within Old Town, almost resulting in violence between the Highlanders and Guardsmen.

Alduic was apprehended by the Blazing Shields, but shortly handed over to the Arathorians, along with his associate Ricaida. Both were taken to Stromgarde, and placed on trial for their crimes against the Kingdom. Ricadia and Alduic were sentenced to death, the latter by the infamous method of "Og'tal". Taken to within the borders of territory controlled by the Boulderfist Ogres, Alduic was viciously nailed to a boulder and left to die. Once the crowd had dispersed, a Stormwind Ranger approached Alduic, granting him a merciful death with a bullet to the heart.

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