Alushia Everglade


Moon Priestess





Character Class

Priestess of the Moon


Kaldorei, Temple of the Moon, Darnassus, Winterblades


Priestess of the Winterblades


Jae'urion Everglade (father, deceased), Fraelyssa Starsong (mother, deceased), Falanor Starbreeze (mate, unkown)


Sonaria (frostsaber), Ishna (owl), Yuna (faerie darter hatchling)


Lawful Neutral


"May Elune grant us strength, sisters! Grant these vile vermin no solace in our forests! Show these warmongerers that we will not stand idly by and watch them defile our sacredest of groves! Fight back the Orcish incursion which befouls our forests; let balance be restored!"
- Priestess Alushia Everglade.

Alushia Everglade is a Priestess of Elune, currently under the command of Lt. General Arodeesa Winterstorm who leads the Winterblades regiment. Some may describe her as being zealous, or too quick to judge; however, at heart she is a Priestess who only wishes for the best for her people, the Kaldorei. She clings to the old Kaldorei way of life, refusing to adapt to the new changes sweeping across Kalimdor; believing that too many of her kin are steering away from the traditional way of life that the Kaldorei have lived with for the past 10,000 years.

Biography Edit

The Moment of DawningEdit


Mount Hyjal

1,200 years ago, before the mortal races of Azeroth banded together in the Third War, Alushia Everglade was born. Daughter to Jae'urion Everglade and Fraelyssa Starsong, both of whom were skilled craftsmen; the family of three lived in the foothills of Mount Hyjal in a small Night Elf village. Naturally, Alushia showed great skill with the bow and arrow and was soon about to begin her Sentinel training. However, the wise Priestess of Elune, Elaneera Starsong, caught the attention of the young Alushia. Before long, the two had begun to grow fond of each other and thus, Alushia Everglade was inducted into the Sister of Elune where she began her lessons in the goddess' teachings.
For years to come the young Alushia would be studying the ancient scripts of the Temple, learning of her race's past plunders, including the Great Sundering and the events which led to Nodrassil's planting and the exile of the Highborne, and from there her prejudices towards the High Elves and all arcane wielders were rooted. Nonetheless, the Priestess' appreciation for Nature soon blossomed as she continued to expand her knowledge of Kaldorei history.

Under the guidance of the Moon Priestess Elaneera Starsong, Alushia continued her education in the teachings of the Mother Moon, to show love and tolerance for all the creatures of Azeroth. Despite this, the young Priestess found herself unable to overcome her prejudices, like many of the other Priestesses in the Temple.

War of the Shifting Sands Edit

After thousands of years of being spent in isolation, accumulating their numbers, the Qiraji forces began to emerge from their underground Temples. Soon, the entire wasteland of Silithus was enveloped in swarms upon swarms of the insectoid Silithid. Determined to create a world devoid of all non-insectoid life, the Silithid began their relentless attacks upon the Kaldorei forces.

Priestess Elaneera Starsong, the young Alushia's mentor, was called away to Silithus along with many other of the Kaldorei who lived in Ashenvale Forest. Without even saying goodbye, Elaneera left.

<to be continued later>

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