Mender of the Frostmane Tribe




Ice Troll


mid 40s

Character Class



The Frostmane Tribe




Neutral Good

Amatai is a female troll in her 40s, childless, without a husband and rapidly running out of time to have either. She is very normal looking, with the pale, blue skin and black hair (albeit now streaked with grey) that is common to the Frostmane. She works as the village midwife, and can often be seen coming and going, wearing a thick white wolf-skin cloak and carrying a tall, pale walking stick. If you get close enough you can smell the medicinal smell of many various herbs upon her, and her teeth are yellowed somewhat by the tobacco smoke she uses for her craft.

She is good humoured, if a little no nonsense. She does not suffer fools gladly. But always has a kind word for those in her care. She is something of a gossip and any secrets spoken around her tend to have a way of filtering around the village in no time.

Illustration(s) courtesy of Amri of The Frostmane Hold,- any lending, copying or other use prohibited.

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