Height: 195 cm (6 feet, ~4.77 inches)

A face rarely seen.. atleast when aiming in battle.

Eyes: Deep silver glowing, dimmed.

Hair: Light blue.

Clothing: Clothing easy to move in, usually leather.

Age: Roughly 7000 years old.

Prejudices: 'All who can not wield some kind of weaponry is not worthy of respect of any kind.'

Best Quality: Good soldier.

Worst Qualities: Arrogant, dis-trusting of younger races.

Talents: Skilled Archer, veteran.

Scars: Non-existant.

Idol: Shandris Feathermoon


Remaining with a steady health and income from working with the Sentinels as an Archer, Anayariel was taught to carry her bow before she could walk. She was further taught the skills of an Archer by the Sentinels, where-as her mother was an old sentinel, now deceased.

Her older brother and sister were always jealous of her, since she's the youngest - and therefore got the most attention, as in most families. Since then, she's grown and trained with the Sentinels through the years, becoming a veteran by age. She prefers killing those Horde whom dares to infiltrate in her dear homelands, Ashenvale.

Wars ExperiencedEdit

  • The Third War
  • War of the Shifting Sands

Criminal RecordEdit

None (so far).



Caunahiel, deceased Sentinel.


Valphen, deceased Druid.


Randiriel is a warrior of the Kaldorei, with a very tentative location. She is roughly 7900 years old.


Falathel is a Druid in training in Ashenvale. He is roughly 7500 years old.


"I know my bow better than my people."

"Should your words carry deceit and you return to those you stood aside, I shall end you."

Enemy/Hit ListEdit

Veryan Arrowsong, former Thero'Shan.

Closest FriendsEdit


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