Current: Annyra Shadowleaf has taken on Aneeta's identity, posing as her. The original character has died.

History: Born on Sunstrider Island, grown up in a violent household, being terrorised by the father. Aneeta was the eldest of three legal children (brother: Berlando, sister: Brandsali) and has one half-sister, sharing the same father; Icksy. She moved to the city to escape the constant beatings and to become a Blood Knight. She was, however, soon dissapointed in the order when one of the elder knights willingly put her in danger by taking her on a 'date' to Gurubashi territory. After that, she became enamored with Demeth, a warlock she met while working in Strike's bar. This aggravated the Blood Knight order and Aneeta was expelled. After Demeth's dissapearance, Aneeta joined the Sin belore, in hope to start anew and become an ambassador. She reached her goal but shortly after became crippled and was slowly corrupted by yet another warlock, Solanum. With his help she posessed a new body, that of the young warlock Annyra, who took over Aneeta's life completely after a skirmish in Ironforge, in which Aneeta was killed.

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