Anegra Grimwell






Martha (mother, deceased), Edgar (Father, deceased)

Childhood in GilneasEdit

Born into a barkeeper family, Anegra was the only child of her parents. When she was six years old, her mother passed away after being weakened by pneumonia. Her childhood ended quickly after that, having to skip school to tend to her alcoholic father and aid him with the bar - which was nothing more than a smoky basement with couple of tables and the odd barrels of moonshine.

At the age of fifteen, her father died of overconsumption of liquors, setting her free to do whatever she wanted - which was not much considering she had no money, and no basic education. She was offered a roof over her head by her neighbours, but still had to pay for all the other costs, such as food and clothes. Since she had no other ways of gaining money, she did what she was good at: emptying the pockets of drunkyards. Sometimes the slobbering old geezers got agressive and she had to learn to fend for herself, eventually getting quite good at it.

Professional BrawlerEdit

She soon found herself armwrestling and fighting for money, with drunks who couldn't believe a girl could beat them. She would go home with a few cuts and bruises, but with her pockets full of coins. It was her calling. She enjoyed nothing more than "Wiping that stupid smirk" off their faces.

The Curse, the BlessEdit

<to be continued>

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