Aragass Jaton  

Quote: "It was a woman... (the room goes silent)..... what she tried to stab me with a sword!"                                      


Aragass  stands around six feet tall, Dark hair, with a muscular frame, is cunning ruthless and has a black sense of humor. His eyes are green light. he has a deep voice. His attire usually consists of a black shirt with a black leather armor vest , dark-colored pants, a belt for his sword a kukri knife and a bow on his back and a quiver, large boots and a black hat.


- When he was young he lived on a farm in Arahtie Hills he lived with his aunt and uncle. But the farm got burned down by trolls his Uncle and Aunt got killed, His father came in time before they tried to kill him, so his father took him and learned him everything about weapons and how to handle them. His father was gone after he left him one day at home in Stormwind, he left him a chest full of gold, but he couldnt spendt it that long once he got robbed, so with the knowledge of weapons he started for himself as a "Sellsword" Darothar Lighthammer took Jaton's services. he paid him well but, then a darkhooded man came and offered more money, his task was not that simple aswell and it involved going against Darothar Lighthammer, so he thought about it and asked for more money, after he got promised more money and upfront he did it, he took ten men of the scarlet crusade and used them, cause the zealot bastards thought they were doing something good, they planted bombs on the pillars of teh cathedral, and a couple under the cathedral, the catacombs, while they were still busy Jaton ran out and the bombs exploded wich leaded the halfside of the cathedral to explode, most of the disciples were dead or heavily wounded. A crusader Marrenus was seen as the leader of the bunch, so Jaton came out clean the other crusaders where punished by death or five years in the dungeon with torture, Jaton couldnt care less what happend of them as long he would get his money, an unknown woman also hooded came back and gave him a letter, it said that he must meet his client at the smoking blade, so he went there and the money was shoved under the table, then they both leaved and took their own path, later on he met a lad named Aesthetic Queitus, a blond lad, black sheep of the House Queitus. insulting him because Jaton is abit tanned. ofcourse Jaton didnt let it go with that and punched the lad on the nose, then Aesthetic raged and wanted a sword fight, so they went outside the city of stormwind and a crowd was gathered, Queitus charged at him but Jaton just sidestepped and held his foot out Queitus fell down and stood up again he charged at Jaton another time, Jaton sidestepped again by the last moment and hit Aesthetic, on the back of his head with the flat side of his blade. It caused Aesthetic to fall unconcious. Jaton sheated his sword and grinned at Aesthetic lying motionless on the floor, alot of Queitus his girls came to him and started screaming of waht they should do, Jaton went back abit and watched the three girls fight of what they should do, then Queitus woke up and is clearly overreacting. Jaton walked off back to the city, A few years later an ex member of the Scarlet Crusade came knocking at Jatons door, threathening him with blackmailing. The lads name was Daeglin, He wanted two hundred gold and Jaton didnt have it, so Jaton set a meeting in Redridge at the Mill. Daeglin had one lad overlooking the two, but then later on Jaton came back with a bag blood was dripping from it and he threw it to Daeglin, it was Earlious the friend Daeglin asked to overlook and protect him, Daeglin stood there shocked and Jaton came closer, Daeglin took out his sword with his hand shaking, then Jaton gave him a swift strike downwards Daeglins sword arm and it was cut off clean, Daeglin was crying out of pain and Jaton kicked him down then tied him up with some rope he had with him then he placed him in the middle of the saw and turned on the sawmill, then he left him there then slowly the saw came closer and then the guts and blood where flying/spraying around.

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