Baron Blackwood
Baron Blackwood


First name unknown








the Forsaken Horde

Baron Blackwood was an original ruler of Blackwood Barony, a land just in the middle of Eastern Lordaeron, or what is now known as Eastern Plaguelands. The Barony was stretched between Northdale from the North, Browman Mill from the East, Corin's Crossing from the South, and Blackwood Lake from the West. It takes it's name from (presumably) the former name of the big forest Blackwood, now Plaguewood. The capital of the province was the Town of Blackwood.

He was the head of a huge family, which was renowned and recognised in many parts of Azeroth. However, little is known about his closed relatives. Baron Blackwood most probably didn't have children, as his title was taken over by another family.

Blackwood must have fallen during the Third War, when the Scourge take control over Eastern Lordaeron. He is presumably Undead now, some calming him being in Sholomance (see Lord Blackwood).

His death led to decease of his family, which fled the area, seeking refugee in many parts of the world. He was succeded by Baron Garithos, father of Othmar Garithos.

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