Blades for Hire
BfH symbol

Former Leader

Remai D'Waltir

Previous Officers and Leaders

Cendia, Humphry, Remai, Bruron, Solissa, Karlak, Belseden






The Pig & Whistle


The Coin


True Neutral

The Blades for Hire were a group of elite mercenaries on the Alliance side of Defias-Brotherhood.

The website for the Blades for Hire can be found here: Blades for Hire

History Edit

The Blades were formed on the ashes of the Ravenholdt Sanctuary, having betrayed the leader and leaving him for dead, the small group of assassins decided that the time for living in shadows was over and formed a mercenary troop, where they could earn gold using their skills and look over one another should the Sanctuary ever hunt them down.

Currently Edit

The Blades are currently disbanded. The Lord Remai D'Waltir and leader at the time found the Blades to be a political nightmare.

The Pig & Whistle

The Pig & Whistle Headquarters of the Blades

Organisation Edit

The Blades for Hire were mainly run by it's founding members, who saw to recruitment and organisation of members as well as being responsible for taking on jobs. Over time others have shown themselves worthy and capable and have been trusted with greater responsibilities and rewards.

Founding Members: Edit

The founding members of the Blades for Hire are listed below:





Fugras (Deceased: Killed by Forseti)

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