Character Name
WoWScrnShot 111610 203423


Lieutenant of the Fordragon Company, special operations division





Character class

Sharpshooter, Gunman


Alliance, Seventh Legion


Lieutenant for the Fordragon Company




Chaotic Neutral

Quick BiographyEdit

Blexie was born and raised in Gnomeregan at it's height, reaching the fairly young age of fourty-three and being evacuated as the city fell. Spending some time in Ironforge, she honed her engineering and shooting ability, having little better to do. She came to be known during the Northrend campaign, when she followed Captain Garodin Silversmith in the Fordragon Company as a private within the special operations division.

When the company returned home some time after the initial assault in Icecrown, she struggled to settle back in to civillian life. The amount of ammunition she used to train herself between deployment is most likely best left unsaid, if it is even possible to count it out. Recently she has been reunited with the company as they return to light, and has been promoted massively for her service in their previous missions. Now the leader of the special-operations subdivision of the company, she makes her home whereever they are ordered to.

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