Moonglade Arcana
Blue heaven


Pill / Dust


High Physical Dependence

Forms of Consumption

Swallow / Sniff

Type of Psychoactive



Blue Heaven is a powerful chemical dust that can be found encased in pill form, being sold on the streets of Stormwind. The content of the dust seems to be a mixture of different ingredients, put together by a skilled alchemist. The alchemist in question who produced it is "The Doctor". Blue Heaven was initially produced as a means to induce temporary insanity, but with a few modifications it is now an addictive hallucinogenic street drug.


Being a mixture of powerful hallucinogenic substances the effects of Blue Heaven are quite temperamental and varied. Blue Heaven acts as a serotonin receptor full agonist and an opiate partial agonist. Thus, the positive effects of Blue Heaven are wild and vivid visual and auditory hallucinations, a change in subjective consciousness, altered perception of time, a feeling of connection to the world and euphoria. However, negative effects are also present. A high physical dependence is a result of being a opiate agonist, and once addicted it is nigh impossible to get rid of the addiction. Sweating, pupil dilation and trouble breathing are also short term side effects.


Seeing as it is not a naturally occurring substance the only way to acquire Blue Heaven is by purchasing it on the shady streets of Stormwind, 75 silver for a bag full.

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