Breth Blightshot is a male forsaken who used to live in Silverpine Forest before turned into undead.

Breth Blightshot




Human Undead



Character class







Alive as undead


At first look of Breth you see average looking undead with marks of chemical burns allover his body. Even some of his visible bones have been slightly melted. This undead has spent some time with chemicals for sure, but not as an Apothecary but as "Plaguebringer". Using creations of apothecaries in the front lines of northrend.

But since wrathgate happened and use of deadly chemicals were banned, he has trusted on his good old gun instead of blight. Of course, who would want to use that disgusting stuff anyway? .. mjehmjehmjhe.

Like many undeads, Breth is more pessimistic than happy person. At first you might think him as a "dark person", but he is not always that bad. He enjoys travelling and is eager to visit different attraction of the world. He is interested in learning more about alchemy and engineering. Breth's humble dream is, that one day he has invented his own deadly chemical and built his own super-catapult to spread death to his enemies.


Breth suffers from minor memory loss. So much of Breth's history as living is unknown by even himself. In undeath he has worked in Sylvanases army in the front line by testing different plagues. After Northrend and Blight-ban he has been less active and spent some time in Hillsbrad. Taking care of his lovely Spider pet 'Carrie'. But at this very moment, Breth is back in the business and usually seen around forsaken regions.


Some people say that Breth was present at wrathgate when forsaken blight was released. Breth himself denies this. He hates Gilnean people and rumors tell that sometimes he has organized "Worg hunts" in Silverpine forest. 

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