-'To all the Crimson Crusaders, who fight relentlessly for their cause.'

-Heart of the Crusader- Edit

Holy Light,
Please be our guide
Oh the Light
You shine so bright
And when night will fall
On your chosen knight
Be his guide
In his ethernal fight
With conviction
In battle he follows!
With passion
His lands he defends!
And when nothing
Will drive them away
Please deliver him
To your heavenly bay.

-Crimson Horangue-Edit

‘Holy warriors, we bring forth the Light!
‘The curse of Undeath shall tremble before our might!
‘Armed with zeal, armored with faith,
‘We fight and we never run out of hate!
‘Strengthen your hearts, harden your souls,
‘Bring forth the steel, of your merciful swords!
‘Cleave the Impure, Cleanse the Unclean,
‘Chastise Unholy! Burn them from within!
‘Launch your selves gladly towards any foe
‘They sentenced to death, we destined for war
‘We fight, and that drives us eternally on,
‘There‘s no time for peace, there is Holy War.

-Crimson Lady-Edit

When I have lost my mind
When I have lost my faith
She came thru the darkness
And made my grief fade
Oh Lady Inquisitor
Make my heart burn bright!
She brought us the courage
Our brothers will fight!
With foes we surrounded
By brothers are backed
The steps taken forward
And no going back
Beyond the compassion
Our ladie does dwells
And when she gets there
The fires ascents!
Pale angel's face
Red eyes-shadow
Dear lady,
Cant you hear the mercy cries?

-Angels of Death-Edit

Into the sinful gardens of your home,
Light giving angels shall income.
As bright as heaven's light itself,
Magestic purity in shell.
They shall comfort you of your pain,
They shall forgive you all your sins.
And thru the bloodied roses wall,
They shall emerge as seraphims!

-Our Homeland-Edit

These dust covered halls
Are a home now for me
But my home is in Lordaeron
And always will be
Some day I return to
Your valleys and your farms
And you no longer be burned
By my brothers in arms

-Crimson March-Edit

We were told to abhore our ideals
We were told to surrender
But no!


There's no power that can make us yeld
And nobody can brake our will
Our homes has been burned down to the ground
In our hearts a Temple was found
We fight!
Untill the daylight has broke,
and we saw all those corpses awoke
Too much blood has been spillen away
But so long it flows through our veins
We set out to march once again
To the horizon that promise no pain

-In the mist of Plague-Edit

Where are you Brothers
Do you hear me away
I call for you
But no one answers my pray
Why you silent
Have you lost your way
Hear me Brothers
I will not let you stay
Where are you Brothers
Please answer my pray
There is no time to play
In this deadly mist of dismay
Ah, there you are
I knew I will find you today
Lets take our hammers
And do it our way

-Arise Crusaders-Edit

Arise Crusaders darkness is comming
To take all from us
Arise Crusaders darkness is comming
And we wont let it pass

So Rise Crusaders let this noble fury boil in you
Rise Crusaders
Do not try to stay by hand
Let your faith to guide you thru
Do not fear to be condamned
There is no shame in what we do

Arise Crusaders darkness is comming
To plunder and burn
Arise Crusaders darkness is comming
We shall send it from where it come

So Rise Crusaders to fight for our land
Rise Crusaders
Our spirits wont bend
We will not let them march on our ground
To slay our good people
And polute our blue skies

Arise Crusaders darkness is comming
To destroy all is dear to us
Arise Crusaders darkness is comming
To take all that belongs to us

So Rise Crusaders to claim back what is ours
Rise Crusaders
This place is not their's
Our tears has been spillt
Rise Crusaders
And their blood will now flow


[low chorus]
Plundered, ruined and burned..
Crushed, poisoned and broken..
But not forsaken!

[woman voice solo]
My brave sons and daughters!
Your land is calling for you!

[higher chorus]
Hear for it calling, feel to its pain!
Crusaders of Lordaeron!
Dont let it die in vein!

-The touch of the death can almost be felt!
-Where are you my Children?
-Have your lives have been theft?

You grown up on this land to this day,
Crusaders of Lordaeron!
Do not stand away!

-Come to my rescue, let me be saved!
-Death is drinking my blood
-I beg you : So little is left!

Chase away fear, find your self hope!
Crusaders of Lordaeron!
We know you can cope.

[High choir]
Brave people of Lordaeron!
Rise and fight for your ground!

Plundered, ruined and burned..
Crushed, poisoned and broken..
But never, forsaken!

-Black Thorn-Edit

We fight for no Glory,

We fight no for Fame.

We fight for Commander,

Commander of Flame!

His eyes are upon You,

His mind is Ahead.

And if you will wrong Him,

Be sure you are dead!

He is an Exemplar,

For the one we have Sworn.

He has what it Takes,

All Hail Blackthorn!

-Crimson Champion-Edit

When the battle is thigest,
And you've been overrun.
Wish not for salvation,
Pray for sound of the horn.
No matter how far is,
Your victory lies.
The Champion comes,
And the battle is won.

-Never Surrender-Edit

-(strong male chorus)
We stand all as one
And we stand one as all
From the blade's edge pay roll
Till the Crimson death toll.
-(melodical female chorus)
Sen solia amenantore
Sen somanti avore ave!
Cause we are all like Brothers
We all who have sworn
To Never Surrender
Untill with last breath we fall
Sen sodira amenatore
Tuilivetis sensola dore
Tell them bring their best men
Cause we will rise, our torches high
They wont conqure our faith
Untill they walk through the walley of the dead
Etu noxis aparonare
Ampronovi sunovi corus
And when its time, to make our stand
Be sure no one will fall
We are backed by our brothers
We're together, untill the end


(soft morterly woman singing)

Untill you hear my prayers
Untill you open your eyes
My children of the Flame
Do not heed to dream lies
When ever you feeling
Temptation and pain
Do not try to explain
You may find your self in vein
So seek me my dears
I will heed to your tears
Your nightmares become dreams
You will forget diciplines
Dont nobody feels sorry
Does noone sympothyse
So come and find comfort
In High Priestess advice.

-Kill Them All-Edit

-Loyal Beyond Believe-Edit

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