Though it is unknown exactly where Curumor Duskbeard was born, he is assumed to be from the areas surrounding Ironforge.

Having already travelled much as a beardling with his parents, he set out on his own at an early age, wanting to see the world and discover new places and people.

Making his way as a mercenary, bodyguard or hunter, he's spent more than a century moving from place to place.

Feeling it is his duty to serve King Magni, he has recently returned to Ironforge and joined the Dwarven Rifle Squad.

Curumor Duskbeard






Dwarven Rifle Squad




Duskbeard clan

Early lifeEdit

Being born into a small and widespread clan of travellers and explorers, Curumor never stayed in one place for long. Without the opportunity to make many friends, he instead found solace in gathering small pets, and quickly developed a love and understanding of animals. He began spending days, even weeks, alone in the wilderness studying the habits of various creatures. As his interest grew into a passion, Curumor discovered ways to befriend all kinds of beasts and earn their trust and loyalty.

Shortly after his 33rd birthday, he booked passage on a ship headed to Kalimdor and left his parents to explore the world on his own. He spent the next 140 years travelling anywhere he could, offering his skills as a hunter, mercenary, guard and even cook. Having been around most (if not all) of Azeroth, he decided to join the expedition through the Dark Portal, hoping to explore new lands. He was lucky enough to be among the few who escaped the destruction of Draenor, but was ultimately stuck in Outland until the reopening of the portal to Azeroth. Rather than spend his time there sulking or just surviving, Curumor passed the years exploring, studying the wildlife and sampling the local brews.


Curumor carries much of the Duskbeard heritage, being extremely curious and adventurous. He has a fascination with mechanical devices and loves tinkering. The risk of explosions only adds to the excitement of it. Despite his naturally restless mood, Curumor is surprisingly patient when the situation calls for it. He is also fiercely loyal to those he serves or feels deserve it. He is usually cheerful and friendly, and will often make light-hearted comments in tense situations to lighten the mood. He rarely trusts anyone who isn't either a dwarf or an animal, though he does have a soft spot for gnomes and views them as "tiny cousin dwarfs".

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