Defiler ELite Tactical Assault Squad

D.EL.T.A. SquadEdit

501st Eastern Kingdoms Special Operational Detachment - Delta

With the ongoing battle against the League Of Arathor, The Defilers sought unconventional ways of eliminating Alliance forces claiming resources vital for the preservation of the Forsaken way of unlife. Utilising many of the experienced, battle hardened and combat proven soldiers from The Defilers, The Black Bride along with a few Apothecarians formed a group know as D.EL.T.A. Unit. The unit consisted of 20 operatives made up of mostly Forsaken soldiers, with the Shattering all operatives fell into a sink hole whilst on a Op save for Visceril Strain.

An unknown High Command from Undercity & Silvermoon issued Visceril Strain to take the defunct forsaken unit and lead it out of Arathi. Branding his own methods and tactics he re-formed the unit to a squad based operation and become experts in the application of effective direct action. The Squad now accepts all Horde races as operators and now functions in all major Horde battles from the snow covered peaks of Alterac to the industrious war torn Isle of Conquest.


After a trap is laid by Alliance all members of the Squad are either killed or MiA

Special OperationsEdit

  • Isle of Conquest, 5 operative unit • Infiltrated and secured the western dockyard, rescuing a number of Orc slaves trapped in the underground sewer system.
  • Isle of Conquest, 3 operative unit, 5 Kor'Kron Guards • Infiltrated the Alliance eastern keep, tactically placed 17 Seaforium Bombs to weaken the western wall, enabling the Kor'Kron Guards to storm the keep.
  • Stormwind City, 1 operative • Regular recon run.
  • Nagrand, 5 operative unit • Secure and recover the town of Halaa from the Alliance. Enabling Horde trade routes to flourish.
  • Undercity to Orgrimmar, 10 operative unit, 20 Deathguard Elites, 30 Kor'Kron Elite Guards • Securing Sylvanas Windrunner arriving at Orgrimmar safely.

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