Daralis Redway.

General DescriptionEdit


  • Ghoulkiller Extraordinaire
  • Sword-Specialized Blacksmith
  • Stormwind Infantry (Discharged)

Height: ~170 cm.

Weight: ~67 kg (not incl. armour)

Hair & Eyes: Dark hazel eyes, orange-red hair.

Clothing: She doesn't seem to carry other clothing but har armour and an occasional shirt.

Age: She appears to be in her mid-twenties.

Prejudices: Anything to do with ghouls.

Scars: Old scars line her face, though they're faded enough to barely be seen at all.

Best Quality: Open-minded.

Worst Quality: Often rabbles.

Talents: Swordsmithing.

Detailed DescriptionEdit

A rather tall and bulky woman stands before you, her stature built much alike a brute; a fact that may be noticed by her slow, steady but heavy steps. She's a woman of practicality, not one made for silk or fineries. She keeps a wary eye upon her surroundings, but doesn't seem to care too badly.

Her armour tends to consist of roughly created platemail, quite in contrast to the fine blades she keeps upon her. In addition she carries a heavy metal shield, made to last.
A lantern hangs upon the many hooks that adds onto her belt, in addition to pouches with travelling gear.

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