Darilas Lionfeet
Dari design




Blood elf




Sin Belore, Farstriders

Marital status

Divorced from Laioh Sunleaf, divorced from Dareil Sin'Valor, married to Leithari An'thalan


Adopted son Ethelon Lionfeet, Adopted Son Kaz Lionfeet

Physical description:

Darilas is a young male blood elf of average height and size. His eyes are of a darker green, contrasting his deep-red hair. His nose seems to be slightly crooked, like it was broken and healed one day. His lips are often curled in a questioning grin, like he dares you to talk to him. If he isn't wearing long sleeves, you might notice a scar where an 'X' was carved in his left shoulder. This scar is now partially covered by a fresh one. His torso is overall covered in scars, mainly on his back, where he seems to have been bruised, cut and whipped heavily in the past. His hands, too, are scarred, with burning marks. His hair has grey outgrowth. He misses his left middle finger. He has a distinctive scar on his throat, running from side to side.

His voice is soft and melodious, with a little rough accent to it. It is clear that he tries to make it sound polite, though. His ears are moving around more then those of other elves, always listening for the voices and sounds around him.

History and social facts:

Darilas grew up on the streets of the old part of Silvernoon city. Working as a streetwise 'professional companion' and staying alive as a survivalist in the woods, he eventually made his way to the part that is still in tact. There, he met several people who influenced him into becoming something more respectable. He is now a well-known fashion designer. He also serves as an Honor Guard (Captain rank) for the Raptor regiment of the Shatterskull Marauders.


In februari 2014 (RL time), Darilas died suddenly, while on a mission to search for his fellow Marauders in the waters of Thousand Needles.

Amongst his best friends are: sir Florizel, Aishling Silversun, Pestilence Sid'He, Celistra Silverstrike, Emrys Sunwing, Aliania Silverspring, Alph'el Bloodwrath and Tarak'Jin.

Other friends:Tiriella, Strike, Solanum, Sylvina Fireheart
, Neothir Tyrian

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