Crimsonflame Darline Resdon
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Character classes

Paladin, Warrior


The Alliance, The Scarlet Crusade, The Crimson Flame


Member of The Crimson Flame


Chadel Resdon (half-brother), Kealec Resdon (half-brother)

Darline Resdon

At the age of six Darline was removed from her mothers arms and left her brothers behind. As a child born out of wedlock she was not a true Resdon and a shame on the familys name. Her mother held the young girl alive and safe but her guardiens barly gave the child any of the closeness or love a mother could. Years went by and even though letters were offen sent to her about her brothers life, Darline grew up to become cold an lonely. On her eighteenth birthday she was finaly free to leave the small sanctum that had been both prison and home for her. lt would take years befor she found her brothers again, but under ther time and travles alone she keept on searching without losing hope.

From the frail and sickly little six year old she had been when torn from her mothers arms, Darline have now grown up to a radient young woman.

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