What is this Dimday Tribe thing?

The Dimday Tribe is an all Troll roleplaying guild located on the Defias brotherhood European World of Warcraft roleplaying server.

Inspired by , The Dimday Tribe serves as a similar yet very different guild for those playing on the Defias Brotherhood European Roleplaying server.


The Dimday Tribe, is as the name suggests a tribe of trolls, like the Darkspear tribe. There are however some major differences, which will be elaborated here.

The Dimday Tribe never allied with the horde, or anyone for that matter, they're horribly xenophobic and generally hate anyone not of the Tribe.

Occasionally other Non-member trolls are tolerated around the Tribe, but they're never accepted. This can be the case for Orcs as well, only to a much smaller degree.

The Tribe generally keeps to itself, wandering horde territory showing up in town every now and then to get supplies, they're xenophobic, not stupid, trading furthers the Tribe and is not frowned upon, even with other races.

The Tribe takes care of it's own, the Tribe crafters, supplied with funds from the guild Jynk'Thul craft equipment for all it's members.


The Dimday Tribe's Hierarchy has to do with the classes played. There are six at the top in the Elder council, one of each class. These are the Gothar.

Below each Gothar are his/her three most trusted underlings. These are the Sulan.

Belonw the Sulan are the veterans and the regular members. Aswell as the newcomers. Each member and veteran is assigned to a Sulan of his/her class, and takes orders from him/her.

  • Ranks
Warrior Hunter Rogue Priest Shaman Mage
Gothar War'Goth Zo'Goth Ro'Goth Do'Goth Sha'Goth Ma'goth
Sulan Wa'Sul Zo'Sul Ro'Sul Do'Sul Sha'Sul Ma'Sul
Veteran Ol'Wa Ol'Zo Ol'Ro Ol'Do Ol'Sha Ol'Ma
Member Wa' Zo' Ro' Do' Sha' Ma'
Newcomer Wy'Wa Wy'Zo Wy'Ro Wy'Do Wy'Sha Wy'ma

When addressing someone above you in the hierachy such as a Newcomer speaking to a member, he will adress him with his full title, so if the member's name is Tano the Newcommer should adress him Wa'Tano, thus showing respect. It does not however go both ways. Those of higher rank can call their lessers whateevr they want.

When first joining, Newcomers will be assigned under a Mentor, a "Kyby" as they are called. This Kyby will help the Newcomer understand the ways of the Dimday Tribe and thus how to become a member.


see: Language

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