Draleo Coldar in his uniform.


Tall, about 6"9 in worgen form, 6" in human form. Short, black hair. Has an overwhelming sense of honour and duty to his king and country. Usually direct and strong speaking, but cannot really talk to women all that well. Always armed to the teeth with weapons galore! He is almost never out of his Guard uniform, as he is usually working most hours of the day. Missing his right hand.


Draleo Coldar was born into the Coldar family, which consisted of his mother and father, and soon after he was born a younger brother and sister. He was born in Stormwind but soon his family moved to Redridge to get away from the capital. When Dral was seven his family was killed when the family home in Redridge was set alight by a bunch of thugs, presumed to have killed all but his sister and him. Dral and Phoebe were taken in to seperate orphanages in Stormwind, where they grew up. When Dral hit eighteen, he joined up to the Stormwind infantry. He left at age twenty and went on to join the marines for three years, serving all around Azeroth. Dral was badly wounded in combat, mainly with the loss of his eye and was honourably discharged. He spent the next two years in the city, training himself to be better. At the age of twenty five he joined up to the Stormwind Regiment where he continues to serve loyally.

Dral has been in the Regiment for a few years and serves to the best of his ability, already having served in the conflict in Wetlands, the Arathi Highlands. He is currently serving at the rank of First Lieutenant.

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