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The Dwarven Rifle Squad has been renamed into The Three Hammers.Edit

Ironforge Royal Army Edit

The Dwarven Rifle Squad was a dwarf only Rp-PvP guild created on the 11th of October 2005, a mere month or so after 'Defias Brotherhood' went up. It was created by Officer Sathberg and Master Tinukedaya and the guild grew into a small fighting force that fought with the other guilds like the 'Second Gurubashi Empire' or the 'Orcs of the Red Blade', During Sathberg and Tinukedayas time the Rifle Squad gained the respect from the entire realm and has always been a bastion of hope for the roleplay on the Defias Brotherhood Realm.

With years, Squad grew stronger and stronger so it was able to stand and fight other Horde guilds withouth assistance, which contributed a lot to RP-WPvP stage. The Role of Dwarven Rifle Squad was to protect all Dwarfs, form the Dwarven District in Stormwind to the Wildhammer Stronghold in outland and all the way to the Hinterlands.


Squad Allies Edit

The Squads allies were the Kingdom of Arathor, who lended their aid when trying to hold the north of the Eastern Kingdoms stopping an onslaught of Horde coming down from the north, relations are sometimes tight and uncomfortable but the dwarves of the Rifle Squad stood proudly with their defense of the north.

Squad Enemies Edit

Most Hordes are considered enemies, however, only a few are recognised as true, organized, enemies, these being;

  • Orcs of the Red Blade
  • Second Gurubashi Empire
  • Cult of Shadow
  • Sin Belore

Holy war Edit

The trolls of the Second Gurubashi Empire have brought their holy war on the Alliance starting in the Hinterlands they have tried to damage the gryphon aviary of Aerie peak but were met by the Rifle Squad, Senator Vopyna and Senator Drengi the initial charge by the trolls was bounced back off the aviary but the Gurubashis allies, Orcs of the Red Blade, came and changed the tide of the battle pushing the Rifle Squad to the top of the aviary, the rifle squad holding their ground their attempting to let no horde member inside. Eventually the Rifle Squad managed to start pushing them back till they were off the aviary and down the hill. Heavy damage has been done to Aerie peak in that it's bunker has been set alight and many wildhammer guards have died in the defense of Aerie, but the defenses still hold and the Rifle Squad still live to fight another day.


Oathbearers Edit

Members of the Scarshield legion guild Khazrand ta Khaz'Modan migrated to Defias brotherhood and eventually joined the Rifle Squad. To honour them they recieved their own rank (Oathbearers) and have a big role in the Rifle Squads growth as seen by the recruitment made by Spyre of the Oathbearers.


Few months before the realse of Cataclysm, Dwarven Rifle Squad has been renamed into The Three Hammers, under leadership of Girloy Stoutstone.

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