Chaotic Good






Second Gurubashi Empire, The Dark Sphere, Tyzai


Appearance Edit

[coming soon]

Personality Edit

Eldarion is kind towards his friends, however he often finds it difficult to understand friend from foe. He will often lash out in anger at those close to him, if he believes he has been wronged. He will attack his foes with relentless fury. He hates all cultists with a passion and looks down upon anyone who turns to cultists for help.

Known History Edit

Creation Edit

Eldarion was created by Darakan as a test, referred to as 7, before being cast aside like a "broken toy". It is unknown how Eldarion got away from Darakan or how he gained free will, all he remembers himself was awaking on a ship bounded for Theramore where his life would truely begin.

Being Named Edit

Apon arriving in Theramore, Eldarion spent the day trying to find any clues on how he got on the ship or who he was. No one had seen him on the ship the whole journey or knew where he was from. By late evening Eldarion was making his way to a nearby tavern when he sunddely heard a scream from a nearby alley, he rushed to see what it was to find several thugs threating a night elf priestess. He made quick work of them, when the priestess ask for his name he told her he could give her one. She simply smiled and named him Eldarion, a elven name that has lost it meaning, a name, she found most suiting for him. Eldarion choose to kept the name.

Finding His Place in Arathor Edit


Eldarion confronts Raylthor Sunrise

Silver Raven Edit

Learning of his Past Edit

He has spent two years learning of his past. What he knows about his past is currently unknown. - More coming soon.

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