Lieutenant Elthinir Thérlas


Lieutenant of the The Farstriders




Blood Elf


Quel'Thalas, The Horde, The Farstriders





Character Class



Lawful Neutral


Suncrown Village, Quel'thalas


Suiauthon Thérlas (Twin Brother)

Description Edit

Elthinir Thérlas is a Sin'dorei of average height. His head is crowned by the crimson hair which seems to be a trait amongst the Thérlas family, hanging down over his shoulders. It is very obvious that he takes well care of it. At his chin a crimson goatee can be seen almost always neatly trimmed and kept in perfect shape.

As for his body, like most of the Sin'dorei, he is nowhere near bulky but if as one can expect from a Farstrider, he is still relatively well built. His skin appears to be slightly more tanned than most of the Thérlas family.

Normally, one will see Elthinir wearing the golden trimmed armour given to him by his parents upon reaching adulthood. Though recently he has begun wearing his Farstrider uniform more often, prefering the less... Shiny approach.

As a person, Elthinir tends to be rather accepting of other Sin'dorei. He strongly dislikes most members of the Horde and most other races in general, while still loving the Sin'dorei more than anything. He prefer the company of many close friends, though is always open to meet new, interesting personalities, provided they live up to his expectations of a Sin'dorei.

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