Faranna, remaining shy.

Quick InformationEdit

Full Name: Faranna Vidal

Height: 172 cm (About 5 ft 8 in)

Weight: ~50kg

Hair: Auburn hair neatly tied into a low ponytail with an old-looking, used metal hairband. Looks well-tended, often brushed and cleaned.

Clothing: Usually light cloth, in order to be able to run quickly. Her armor seems rough and spendable, at times patched up. She carries a green medic's pouch at her hip, near her right side, sided with a simple brown pouch hanging further to her middle; Strategically set to give thieves and thugs a harder time. She always carries a medic's headband together with an old pair of glasses, albeit well-kept.

Speech: She speaks softly and hesitantly, her accent (for some) ruining her trust due to its Northern origin (Alterac). However, she appears to also speak a hint of Westfall-dialect.

Age: Sixteen; her height says otherwise.

Prejudices: Anyone who believes that trouble and violence is good and/or necessary.

Best Quality: She knows her place, hence pays respect to everyone (except when drunk).

Worst Qualities: Bad habit of drinking when she is nervous.

Talents: Great listener.

Detailed InformationEdit

Faranna is quite tall and slim, her step quick in its nature. Her clothing is of practical use: Not to look nice nor to be expendable, but to keep the warmth and be able to move swiftly. Her hair is hung over her back broadly from a family heirloom-hairband made out of bendable metal that appears used and old. Her eyes are light blue, making that if she's staring intensely, it'd seem like she's staring right through you. She looks around at times, but otherwise doesn't may much attention to her surroundings.

Her clothing usually consists of a tabard, a white shirt, a pair of gloves and a rough cloak to keep the warmth being the main purpose. Thin pants and quick boots cover her legs and feet. Some may also find it controversial that she carries a blade in a makeshift leather sheath by her side: It seems barely used, barely if any scrapes from sharpening and use being seen. It may merely be for show and to scare off thugs. She also carries a pair of well-kept albeit old glasses upon her features.


Faranna is a woman that knows her place, hence stays respectful to her surroundings except when drunk - A habit she tries to stop being drinking when she's nervous or unsure.

When she's sober, she's respectful and keeps an eye on her immediate surroundings, reacting instantly to a gunshot or alike - very unlike a true Alteracean by stereotype.

She's usually silent and is done as told, picking up after people and trying to keep order around herself.





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