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Felitzia is a Priestess in The Cult of Shadow. She is, unlike many Forsaken, a very kind and sensitive young lady. She treasures beauty and life, She follows her emotions blindly and anything she sets out to do, she does with passion. This, unfortunately, can sometimes lead to difficulties when it comes to matters of the Cult.


Before DeathEdit

When she was still alive and beautiful, Felitzia was a carpenter's daughter in Andorhal, studying to be a Priestess of the Light. At the age of 18 she was engaged to the son of the local thatcher, Anthony. The town was rejoicing, and churchbells were ringing, as Felitzia stood outside the church in her weddingdress, waiting for her beloved who never came. The scourge had run a surprise-attack on the city, and Anthony had been caught in the crossfire...

Felitzia tried to escape with the rest of the people in the city, but the Scourge had allready surrounded them. She died, 18 years old, in her wedding dress, on the steps to the church.

The AwakeningEdit

Freshly awakened from teh tomb, Felitzia found herself deprived of her previous gifts from the Light. She felt a deep and stirring hunger within her soul. Not only had she lost her life and her loved ones, but also all her meaning in life. Her goals and ambition had been replaced by a feeling of emptiness and sadness.

She wandered the streets of Deathknell aimlessly for months, not knowing what to do. One day though, she came across a sermon held by the Cult of Shadow. And thus she was introduced to the teachings of the Shadow, something she as a former priestess, could relate to. She continued going to these sermons, and once again her heart was filled with something. A purpose.

After a few weeks, she spoke with a Curator of the Cult, and explained to him her situation. After hearing how much she had learned just through the sermons, he spoke to the clergy, and Felitzia was granted membership within the Cult of Shadow.

((More coming soon.))


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