Felwood Haze




Medium Physical Dependance

Forms of Consumption


Type of Psychoactive

Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitor


Felwood Haze is a sturdy weed which can survive in very harsh conditions yet thrive, however under the correct conditions Felwood Haze (as it is named by the Forlorn Cartel) is a powerful psychoactive vibrant drug. Felwood Haze is a common plant in Felwood, however most types of the plant can be easily missed in the wild forest floor. The type available on the streets of Stormwind is extremely potent, hinting that perhaps it is a rare variety given it's vibrant and unusual orange tinge. The psychoactive component is located in the buds of the plant, however other parts of the plant are quite useful in tailoring and inscription.


The bud of Felwood Haze contains a Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitor agent, which leads to increased extracellular concentrations of dopamine and therefore a range of psychological and physiological effects. Thus, the positive effects of Felwood Haze when consumed by smoking the herb, is a general and subjective altered state of consciousness for an hour or so, depending on the dose. One feels almost as if one is connected to his surroundings. In addition, rushes of pleasure, increased arousal and sociability are noticeable. However the negatives include lightheadedness, occasional headaches and a medium physical dependence. Constant use results in the user requiring a higher dose and inevitable addiction.


More common and less potent varieties are common in Felwood, however the variety on the streets of Stormwind is much more potent, and often costs 50 silver for a quarter gram.

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