The Festival of the Light (Also known as the "Festival of Lights" in the Orcish translation) is a Draenei festival founded by the Ere Argus Commune to commemorate the battles fought by the Shattered Sun Offensive, the Sha'tari Skyguard, the Aldor and the Scryers against the Burning Legion and the Illidari, leading up to the defeat of  Kil'Jaeden at the Sunwell.

It was celebrated in Shattrath City the 5th of September, the first year of the Commune's foundation and included a large fireworks display and speeches from representatives of a few involved groups, the Ere Argus in Common, by Sanara, and the Blood Elven Sin Belore, in Orcish by Cerrania Sunsworn. As tensions has since risen between the Alliance and the Horde, the event's future is insecure.

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