Fixol Sprazzleclank
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Fixol Sprazzleclank







Character Class



Researcher, Arcane Tinker


Alliance, Gnomeregan Exiles, GAIRDAS Institute

Fixol Sprazzleclank, only child of undervalued researcher Lodix Sprazzleclank, and last survivor of the Sprazzleclank family. He works as an Arcane Tinker, concentrating on continuing his father's research into the combination of magic and technology. He is a recent recruit into the GAIRDAS Institute.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

When Fixol was only young, his mother, Folia Sprazzleclank, died in a tragic engineering experiment that went horribly wrong. Fixol was too young to remember, but he has felt the absence of his mother. Lodix took it upon himself to bring Fixol up on his own, although he couldn't keep from his experiments and research. The death of his wife had taught him to be more cautious, and fewer explosions were heard from the Sprazzleclank household.

Just like his father, Fixol developed a fascination with all things mechanical and magical. Lodix was working hard on writing a paper about the combination of magic and technology, though most of his findings were disregarded by the elite engineers and arcanists of Gnomeregan. He plowed on, determined to make his name one that would be remembered.

This determination seeped through into Fixol, who aided his father in every way possible. Fixol proved to be gifted with his hands, although a little incompetent with the magical side of the research. He practised long and hard, and eventually became competent enough for his father's experiments (though this isn't saying much).

The Fall of Gnomeregan Edit

With the Trogg invasion, and subsequent radiation of Gnomeregan, much of Lodix's work was lost. All that remains is one book that Fixol managed to rescue, despite losing his father in the chaos. Fixol has not heard from his father since, and so assumes he succumbed to the radiation or the Troggs.

Today Edit

To this day, Fixol has worked hard to continue his father's research. He studied his father's book in excruciating detail, and has managed to piece together some of his previous research. However, he still has a long way to go.

He recently joined the GAIRDAS Institute in an effort to find more help with the research, and to hopefully bring the family name of Sprazzleclank to the forefront of academic studies.

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