Forgefire Wayfarers
Wayfarer Crest


Bargan Steelgut, Drorin Thunderbrew


Active, Recruiting




Explorers' League, Ironforge


Lawful Good


Hall of Explorers - Ironforge


Dwarf, Gnome


Common, Dwarven

"The Unknown is yet to be discovered!" - Brann Bronzebeard

The Forgefire Wayfarers are an organization of Explorers and Artisans, members of the Explorers' League, ought to spearhead the League's expeditions in hostile, uncharted lands. The most important of projects the Wayfarers were tasked with is the charting of Azeroth, and the documentation of creatures who dwell there.


A Page from the Wayfares' Journal

The WayfarersEdit

The Wayfarers, like all Explorers, are ought to possess additional skills and professions vital to the success of the

A Dwarven Wayfarer


A Wayfarer one would usually stumble on would be either an Engineer, a Geologist, an Archaeologist, a Prospector or a Cartographer. However, some Wayfarers excell in other sciences and skills of gathering, no-less important. In addition, most Wayfarers have the basic knowledge of Fishing and Cooking. The Wayfarer's usually travel around the globe packed to the brim with tools and provisions, having equipment for almost every possible outcome, ranging from hides thick enough to withstand the fiercly cold snowstorms of Winterspring, to firepower meant for surviving ambushes and and incursions should the need be.

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