The Fourth Tirisfal Dragoons

Organization type

Military order


General Ecglast Ecghelming


Forsaken, a minority of other Horde races


The Forsaken, Horde, Luminous Path


Lawful Neutral



The Fourth Tirisfal Dragoons are a special division of the Undercity's military command and report directly to Lady Sylvanas Windrunner. Called upon to perform specific missions designed to further the goals of the Forsaken (if not the Horde at large), the Dragoons neither recruit publicly nor seek to increase their profile.


Under the command of General Ecglast Ecghelming the Dragoons answer directly to the Undercity military command, and as such lie outside the normal regimental structure. Various operations have been performed by the Dragoons in places as local as the Barrens and as far afield as Outland and Northrend. Due to the low-profile nature of their assignements, it is not always easy to tell where they will appear next.

It was during the defense of the The Crossroads, Barrens, under the command of Ecghelming and the Dragoons that the leaders of the Luminous Path met.[1] Serving for a time with the Dragoons, the leadership of the Path remains in contact with Ecghelming and the two groups have been known to assist each other on their respective missions.

Notable membersEdit

Ecglast Ecghelming

Tavar Thalandiel


  1. See the Luminous Path backstory for a more detailed explanation.

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