Priestess Frejva


Priestess Frejva, Senator of Ironforge Edit

Priestess Frejva Gump is a dwarven priestess whos religious focus is the titan lore and the worship of the Titans. Her teacher and mentor in her studies is the old Anrim Stouthammer of the Bronzebreard Clan. Together they are trying to teach the dwarves of Khaz'Modan and everyone else who wants to listen all they know about the titans and titan worship.

Priestess of the Titans Edit

Priestess Frejva has a keen interest in the Titan Eonar the Life-binder. Eonar and her fellow titan Khaz'Goroth are the two most important titans for the dwarves since they were the ones who created the dwarven race. Khaz'Goroth forged their souls and bodies and Eonar gave them the Gift of Life. Eonar is belived to be the same deity as the one the taurens calls the Earthmother.

In Ironforge's Service Edit

Preistess Frejva Gump lives in Ironforge in the Mystic Ward. She is currently working in the dwarven army where she holds prayers to the titans and calls upon the powers of Eonar to heal wounds and smite the undead. She is working together with Gogól Irondawn, the Senator of War in the Ironforge Senate, who is in command of the northen frontieer. The titan priests are very importans for the soldiers of Ironforge to keep their spirits high and boost their moral. Frejva was elected Senator of Traditions in the Ironforge Senate after the old senator had left the senate.

Appearance Edit

Priestess Frejva Gump is often seen in her green army uniform. She has fiery orange hair which she keeps short to prevent it from getting in her eyes. She is a little shorter then the average dwarven female but has a spirit as strong as any dwarf.

Biography Edit

Frejva Gump was born somewhere in Loch Modan but lost her parents in very early age. She was found when she just was a small lass alone in the wilderness by a human couple who (after consulting with the dwarves of Thelsamar) took her with them to their home in Stormwind and raised her as their own. The name Gump is therefore the name of her human parents who keep a flower shop in the southern Trade District. Due to the nature of her childhood home she speaks with a human dialect more then a dwarven accent.

Frejva Gump is not married but any suitor will have a hard time gaining the approval from her mentor Anrim Stouthammer.

Famous quotes Edit

"If Khaz'Goroth had wanted the orcs and trolls to live, He wouldn't have created us." (Priestess Frejva)

"Ironforge's Army, where we make dwarfs out of men.." (Priestess Frejva)

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