Story Thread

Who are the Furious Fishmongers?

The Furious Fishmongers are a travelling+ seafood store.

Why are they furious?

They're not really. Well, the boss usually is, but the others are more idiotic then furious. The name comes from the Furious Crawdad which is a type of lobster indigenous to Outland.

Why are they fishmongers?

The loa only know why anybody would try and run a fish merchants during a time of cataclysm and' war.

Who is their guild leader?

The infamous Darkspear++ Troll Fishmaster, 'Mad Mudi' Mudija.

Fishmonger Pic

Iron Chef 'Mad Mudi' Mudija

+ Travelling as in 'often kicked out of towns and so moving to another one.'

++ Pureblood Darkspear contest Mudija's bloodline. This could be variously down to unproven rumours of Skullsplitter ancestry, poor record keeping or a genuine wish to be disassociated from Mudija himself.

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