Furore Silverblood








Xavier Silverblood, Raenos


Chaotic Good

Furore is a young adult with very few braincells. He is naive, easily fooled, clumsy, and doesn't have a great sense of tact. However, his hearth is pure, and he would always want to help others that are in need. He believes in equality, and thinks wealth and power should be equally devided. He would fight for his cause no matter what, even if it brings him into great trouble.

His past is a tragic one, sadly. Furore and his family rebelled in secrecy against the dictatorship and facists-like philosopy held by the majority of the Sin'Dorei. The Silverblood family eventually paid the price their actions:

It happened while Furore was scouting the forests. Back then he wanted to become a ranger, living in the woods was what made him happy. On his return, he found his parents and younger sister slaughtered, as well as the fugitives his family had sheltered in the lower basements of the estate. On the wall, a message was written in blood:

I am comming for you, little brother

Only one could have written this message: His elder half-brother Xavier Silverblood, who always disagreed with the anarchistic views of their father, and would do anything to gain power. Furore knew he was no match for Xavier, and fled. He remained hidden for years, untill he thought it was safe to return.

Back in Silvermoon, Furore tried to keep a low profile. He found a girlfriend made some friends, but one of them turned out to be a henchman of Xavier. Furore got betrayed and nearly killed by Xavier, who was sloppy to leave Furore behind, bleeding to death. His girlfriend was terrorized by Xavier, and she fled, leaving Furore behind.

Furore was found by a forsaken, named Raenos. Raenos managed to artifically heal his wounds, now viewing Furore as his son. These feelings were not mutual however, for Furore felt like he was been used as a labrat. He decided he could no longer strive to be a ranger, others kept using him, others kept overpowering him. The only way he would be able to protect himself, and others, was if he became a strong warrior of the light.

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