Gnomish Artillery Squad


Tinker Court

Arch Gearmaster



Gnomes only

The Gnomish Artillery Squad (G.A.S.) was the only military organisation that remains loyal to the Tinker Court since the fall of Gnomeregan. It consisted of gnomish refugees who wish to fight for their people after the regular army was destroyed during the battle for Gnomeregan. Since they lacked the numbers to form a significant infantry force, they focused on serving the Alliance with artillery, their airforce and new inventions. The squad was cooperating with their dwarvish sister-squad, the Dwarven Rifle Squad. It was led by Ryea and Nahmesto for a long time, but they handed the leadership to Jazzle Managear because they were occupied by other matters too much to be able to continue leading the squad succesfully. Under his leadership, the squad renewed their activities again. An example of this was shown by head pilot Bringels Bring who lead his pilots into a succesfull attack on the area around Gnomeregan, thus destroying the leper gnome airforce. As time went by though, Jazzle went insane and Ryea became the leader again.

The G.A.S. focused on two fronts. Firstly it was a military force with a small amount of infantery, a major airforce and some artillery. Though it couldn't afford to mantain robots and spider tanks like in the original Gnomeregan army, it still had a great amount of mechanostriders (for scouting purposes) and explosives. It mainly used infantry for scouting, ambushes, and the protection of damaged vehicles, while artillery and aircrafts were used to attack with greater force. Secondly, it supported engineering and science, and tried to aid the alliance with the newest schematics and gadgets.

The G.A.S. was successful for some time, but eventually became victim of political struggles, which led to its downfal. Since it has been gone, the High Tinker and the Court have taken the defence of the Gnomes in their own hands.

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