Grayden Marshal






Character class



Alliance, Independent.


Ex-Gladiator, Mercenary.




Jarl Marshal (Father, deceased), Arnora Marshal (née Ulfsdottir) (Mother, deceased), Haernah Stuart Marshal (née Stuart) (Wife, active) Andrew Marshal (Son, alive), Erin Arnora Marshal (Daughter, alive)


Chaotic Good

Grayden Marshal, a homeless noble and veteran of the Lordaeronian fall, the battle for mount Hyjal, the Outland Wars and the war in the North, is a Warrior hailing from Andorhal, born thirty years prior to the present day to a Northern Mother and Stormwind-hailing father. Born into vast wealth and privilege, the young Grayden seemed more interested in painting and music, than fighting.

A gladiator of some renown, Grayden has enjoyed success in the Arena, his grizzled demeanour and strong northern accent earning him the name 'The Bear of the North'. He is now a Knight in the service of the Dawnweaver family.

A brief history Edit

Grayden has a relatively eventless childhood, his mother dying upon giving birth to him, and his father giving him a cold childhood, Grayden seemed more interested in Academic pursuits initially, gaining a private tutor and learning the basics, as well as much more: Arithmetic, Geometry, Philosophy, Geography, History as well as learning how to wield a sword. Eventually, under pressure from his warrior father, he became an officer in the Andorhal 3rd Mounted Corps, and rose to eventually become Lord-Captain of the Regiment, which was all-but-decimated in a suicidal charge in the Battle for Mount Hyjal, but gained considerable renown beforehand for its' efforts in rescuing civilians in the fall of Lordaeron. He went on to befriend, fall in love with and marry Haernah Stuart, his fighting companion, with whom he went into Outland and Northrend, where she lost her right eye.

She gave birth to Erin Arnora and Andrew Marshal on the 3rd September.

The Bear of the North Edit

A Gladiator of some renown, Grayden has felled many opponents in Gladitorial combat. Currently he is retired after losing his final fight to a reigning champion, albeit his life was deemed worthy enough to spare.

Personality Edit

Grayden's general demeanour is that of a gruff, grizzled, down-to-earth veteran who obviously doesn't really care much for the opinion of others when it comes to his appearance, with his outlandish Troll hairstyle that he "Borrowed" to his constant swearing, even at royalty, have not earned him many noble friends. However, beneath the spiked armour and huge axe and sword lies a family man who would do anything he could do protect his mate and cubs, further comparing the man to a bear. In battle, he is furious, but not merciless, and though he fights to kill, he will not execute fallen foes who are merely wounded by his blows. He will, however, not offer this mercy to the undead, instead seeing it as a favour that they are destroyed.

His accent is akin to that of a thick highlands accent.

OOC Note Edit

Character retired, though still alive OOC.

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