Kanni Blackcog
Kanni snow250
Kanni "Kans" Blackcog







Character Class

Warrior, Berserker


Captain of GEARS, Weaponsmith, Chief of Security at the GAIRDAS Institute


Alliance, Gnomeregan Exiles, GAIRDAS Institute


Chaotic Neutral

"She's like a tiny ball of concentrated mean with spikes on top."
-Altorius Kingscrest

Kanni Blackcog, the youngest daughter of former Gnomeregan Tinkers' Court minister Albax Blackcog and his late spouse, Mara. She, her father, and her sister Celinda "Blinkie" Blackcog, are the only known members of the esteemed Blackcog clan to survive the cataclysmic irradiation of Gnomeregan. She is now a member of the Gnomeregan Exiles and a long-time mercenary soldier. In spite of her youth and small stature she is a fierce warrior, possessing immense strength and a fierce temper to boot, and has attained a cruel mastery of terror tactics and intimidation over the years. While noble at heart, her cold, practical approach to warfare and willingness to disregard conventional morals when needed makes her a fearsome opponent and a dire threat to anyone who opposes her.

Biography Edit

Early lifeEdit

Born the eighth and last child of Albax and Mara Blackcog, two of the most genius inventors of recent Gnomish history, Kanni grew up in the care of her older siblings - Celinda, Melcin, Jaros, Nennin, Haylid, Isole and Berna - forming a close bond with her brothers Melcin and Jaros in particular.

The Trogg Invasion Edit

When the Troggs invaded Gnomeregan, Kanni was too young to fight them and remained with her mother.

When Gnomeregan was irradiated Kanni was trapped inside, and watched as those who remained inside - including most of her family - succumbed to radiation sickess and perished. Sturdy and persistent, Kanni refused to die and armed only with steel saw managed to fight her way through throngs of irradiated, enraged troggs into a Clean Zone.

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