Khorus Baneblade

Khorus Baneblade is from a noble Highborne family that can trace its roots back to the founding of Zin-Azshari.

What little is known of his history confirms that Baneblade is not his real surname and that he once trained as a paladin, but beyond this there are none who claim to have known him.

Baneblade first rose to prominence during the wars in Outland where he fought in the vanguard at many Horde engagements with the Alliance; witnesses say that he wielded his weapon and the light in equal measure.

Today, Khorus Baneblade has had his bond with the light severed, and he wanders the many battlefields of the Horde seeking to quench his thirst for combat. Details surrounding his fall from grace are also unknown.

It is unknown if he has any family still living.

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