Knights of Tyr's Hand
Knights of Tyr's Hand Banner
The banner of Knights of Tyr's Hand, depicting the letter "T" standing for "Tyr" which is held by a closed metal fist (reference to the Silver Hand). Below the letter there is an image of a dragon overwhelmed by a hammer on the left side, and the royal crest of Lordaeron on the right side. The banner is closed by an image of two wings on the bottom and a golden bird on top.






Argent Crusade (presumed)

Knights of Tyr's Hand (KoTH) is a secret organisation formed by knights of Tyr's Hand, the Argent Crusade settlement in eastern Plaguelands. Little is yet known about the nature of the organisation or its affiliation. It is presumed KoTH was formed in 33 L.C., after some remnants of the Battle for Arathi Highlands fled North instead of retreating South with the rest of the Alliance forces.

Members of the organisation do not wear any tabard or any other symbol that would indicate their allegiance. It is unknown who is commanding the group, or how big it is. Most certainly it operates as a branch of the Argent Crusade or is at least supported by it.

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