The Legion's Hand
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Velynia Du Monteforde

Secondary Leaders

Damien Lenningford


Chaotic Evil


Active, Recruiting.


Stonewatch Keep

Ered'Nash Legion!

- Battle Cry of the Legion's Hand Cultists.

Guild DescriptionEdit

The Legion's Hand is a largely Warlock-Only Roleplaying Guild focused around a worship of the Burning Legion. They have three Goals:

1. To sow the seeds for the Legion's terrible, and glorious return to Azeroth.

2. The complete genocide and annihilation of all 'Heretics' and Night Elves.

3. The razing and complete destruction of Teldrassil.


The Grand Occultist - Spiritial Leader of the Hand.

Currently: Velynia Du Monteforde

High Warlock - The Grand Occultist's 'Right Hand' so to speak, usually in charge of breaking in new recruits.

Currently: Damien Lenningford

Neophyte - The elite, hardy, trustworthy members of the Hand's Ranks, whom have proven their mettle.

Acolyte - Trusted, and devout members of the Cult, however, due to other factors, cannot become full Neophytes.

Warlocks - Only just accepted into the Cult, young, with much to learn.

Novices - Initiates to the Cult, on their week-long trial peroid.


The Cult is always hungry for new, corruptable young magi, or perhaps already venerable Warlocks, to join their ranks. Wandering into the hills alone, and unarmed, would without a doubt draw the attention of the elusive Hand, and perhaps, if one manages to persuade the Cult's deranged members from slaughtering them on the spot, could request to join their ranks. The initiation itself is a series of complex, and dark rituals. Some wild rumours claim it even constitutes of Human Sacrifice.


The Hand was founded by two former Mages, Velynia Du Monteforde, and her stepbrother, Damien Lenningford. It is, infact, not an original Cult, but a reformation of a long-gone Dark Iron Warlock Coven of the same name that was formed during the War of Three Hammers.


While largely Chaotic, the Cult does hold three Tenets all members must adhere to, or suffer pain of Death, presumably even worse.

1. Never reveal the Cult's plans, location, or any form of information. Punishable by Torture, followed by execution.

2. Do not associate oneself with any Heretic of any form, unless it is to somehow aid the Hand's goals, and even then, express permission from a superior is required. Punishable by Torture.

3. Aid the Legion in every and any way possible. There is no place for slack within the Hand's ranks. Every waking moment must be devoted to aiding the Legion and their glorious goals. Punishable by Torture.

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