Lonan grew up in a minor town of about 800 people. He was the third of three children, all boys. His father and mother owned a small tavern where they and his eldest brother Edward worked. Lonan grew up surrounded by laughter, liquor and music.The roots of the Lonan’s wanderlust began when he toured with the theater company. The desire to travel grew while in the military. After his country was victorious in the war, they cut back on their military. Lonan was given a small severance package and went home to live with his parents.

Tired of living a "normal" life  he joined the military and was sent to a foreign war. He spent most of his time as a prison guard and saw very little action, but he learned how to use basic military weapons such as swords and bows. Much of his time was actually spent playing music for his fellow soldiers.

One day Lonan packed up his few belongings (Including armor, a sword, a bow and a banjo) and decided to head out in search of adventure. There were rumors of rebellion in the lands his country had conquered. Apparently martial law was failing. Lonan smelled adventure . . . and coin.

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