Lordaeron Assassins
Lordaeron assassins

Main leader

Rhyndir Loctus(Deceased)

Secondary leaders









Lordaeron Assassins is a present name of now dead secret organization of hired assassins in Lordaeron, formerly known as Darrow Brotherhood, led by Rhyndir Loctus.

Brief HistoryEdit

The order was formed by Loctus brothers 10 years prior to the First War. It mostly consisted of former scouts, thieves and wanted criminals of that time. The group was performing various assassinations, thefts, and later intelligence gathering over the mainland for all levels of population. Anyone who had money and reasons could make an order. After some time they became notorious for their activity.

With the outbreak of the Second War, they were hired by the authoritative noble of Lordaeron to eliminate the orcish leaders and special force brigades, in exchange for rehabilitation of their names. This deal ensured their further success and freedom of movement in Lordaeron. Operating secretly on the battlefields and occupied territories, the Brotherhood brought many victories to the Alliance during the Second War.

Gaining people's trust, the Brotherhood rapidly grew. The time between the end of the Second and begining of the Third War was the time of their prosperity. They became known as Lordaeron Assassins during those days.

With the fall of Lordaeron and the dawn of humans of the north, the Darrow Brotherhood died with most of its members and leaders. Their glory and vigor remain forgotten to this day.

Known membersEdit

There are no known members history could mention apart from their leader Rhyndir Loctus, whose name is the only thing we know. There is no information about the noble, who covered them, either.


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