"Northrend is a frozen hell and Arthas is a damned god of death - If were gonna beat him were gonna have to be worse than him to succeed." - Marthyr Vale "If I was a demon, I would only change in appearance, If I was a saint - I would change completely." - Marthyr Vale. "What? What do you mean "hard"? All I see is a lot of scourge waiting to be butchered.


When Marthyr was around 13 years old Stormwind was seiged by the vicious horde. While Stormwind burnt Marthyr's family died as there house collapsed. Marthyr escaped and ran with any survivors. Unfortunately nobody took him in and thus he lived as an orphan for many years in a orphanage in Lordaeron. When Stormwind was rebuilt he moved back in to a new orphanage.... but in secret he practiced his weaponry and military skills.

<<Fast Forward to 7 years ago>> He looked over Duskwood, His eyes wary. And sighed. Lost in a land... where nightmares roam freely. And death is just a small danger. >>Present Day>> "What are you Soldier?"

"A dirtbag, Sir!" "Damn right!"

(More coming soon)

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