Naga mermy




The Sisterhood






chaotic good

Languages spoken

trollish and can speak nazja badly

Mermeana Darkmoon of The Sisterhood.Edit

Mermeana remembered nothing before the island with the spirits...To her there had only been this island in the middle of the sea with the spirits , spirits of elfs, humans, orcs,and many more and also the elemental spirits all teaching her, how to gather food and hunt, how to speak, both orc and troll, and how to use the elements around her, to ask there help and the powerful results she got from this...Yes there had only ever been this island..But then why the vision? The same vision over and over again, knocking her off her feet, making her head hurt so much she cried with the pain...Her thin girl shoulders shaking. She grew older, into a beautiful troll, her sea green eyes as clear as the sea itself, her short choppy hair thick and shiney , her body strong and curvey. She looked like she had come from the sea itself, her vision also seemed to saying that was the case, the vision stayed with her as she grew, and every spirit she questioned would not answer or did in such a way she couldnt understand.She left her island in search of her past and came across the gurubashi trolls, they welcomed her trolls of every tribe she was overwhelmed and quiet, but had come to the attension of the sisters, a proud and strong tribe within the tribe you could say, all woman ,all her family. She did not have much to do with the rest of the tribe but stayed mainly with the sisters and the high priest of the Gurubashi Empire. It was he who unlocked her mind and walked with her there, and when it was done, she looked at him her eyes huge and sad and said now i know, and now i must leave iam not pure troll and the others in this tribe would see me dead! He asked her not to go, he held her tight, telling her he wouldnt tell. She pulled away from him and ran, she ran to her sisters and told the one she could find, she told Zorita all of it.Then she left...She has been wandering ever since.

(more to come!)

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