- Its a girl! Aelon Sunwing yelled out over the bazaar. Some of the people turned their heads up towards him and nodded cheeringly.

The Sunwing family had once again been blessed with a little girl. Aelon and his wife Elielle already had 3 strong boys and 2 beautiful girls, this one was theire third one. Elielle looked at her husband while the maid folded the girl in a blanket. - Aelon, dont stand there and scream like common people, youre suppost to be a role model. Aelon who was among the Silver circle, the council of Silvermoon under Anasterian jumped down and closed the window muttering. -Jeez my love, a new life has been broght into this world, and you dont want me to express my happyness? Aelon tilted his head to the side before he blew her a kiss and ran out of the room. Another maid helped Elielle to sit up in her rockingchair by the window, overlooking the bazaar and its people.

She sniggered as the maid gave her the baby back, she folded a bit of the blanket away from the babygirls face. The girl opened her bright blue eyes eyes. - I will call you Miep... Miep Sunwing. She said while the baby yawned sleepily as she started rocking the baby back and forth. Aelon came back into the room with a cup of bloodthistle tea for his wife, He sat down on the side of her bed and stroked over her forehead, she blinked at him as he leaned down and kissed her toplip, she pushed her nose against his cheek, breathing in his scent. The baby happily sleeping by her mothers chest.

A knock on the door disturbed the peace as 5 kids came running in. Yaelon, the oldest one ran first, eager to get a glimpse of his new sister. Yaelon started to learn the works of a politician, going to work with Aelon. He was going to be a fine cousilman when he grew up, hopefully to Anasterian or Anasterians son Kael´Thas. Next one in line was Akko, an adventerus kid that could be gone for days. He´ll never even come close to the Sunspire, where the politics of Silvermoon happened, his father once said, and they never forced him, politics was nothing for Akko. Melo and Minell were the middle twins, they tried to seperate them, but nothing seemed to work. They were still too young to be involved in any careerchoises. Both Melo and Minell was intrested in reading and stayed for hours in the familys library reading about magic and high elfs. Lastly came Yathriel, she came sneaking in like she usually do, like a shadow she turned up at the edge of the bed, suprising both her parents. She was small for her age, and pale. Elielle was worried about Yathriel, she seemed so shy and sick.

The baby sleept thru the greetings from her older siblings. All the kids went up to the baby, kissing her on the forehead and introducing themselfs, giving her gifts they crafted with the help of the nanny. The twins had written a poem, Yaelon had made a doll with the help of a closeby tailor and Akko found a rock that he found smooth. Aelon and Elielle watched theire kids and felt very proud, they had the perfect little family and Miep was the perfect addition to it.

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