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The Ministry of Trade (MoT) is a Kingdom of Stormwind government department formed on <?>.

History Edit

The Ministry was first formed on <?>

Mission Statement Edit

The official stated purpose of the Ministry of Trade is to facilitate and promote trade and commerce on Azeroth. It aims to encourage private sector development by removing regulations blocking trade and investment, eliminating import licensing rules, and embarking on wide-ranging projects to promote a new trading environment in the Kingdom of Stormwind: an anti-corruption drive, a consumer welfare and protection unit, a “Stormwind International Fair" site and the leasing of Stormwind venues to private developers.

Structure Edit

The MTI has a wide range of responsibilities. There are ultimately eight main areas covered by the MTI:

  • Company Law
  • Trade
  • Business Growth
  • Innovation
  • Employment Law
  • Regional Economic Development
  • Science
  • Consumer Law.

Corporate policing Edit

It also has responsibility for investigating misconduct by company directors, in which role Private Eye repeatedly lampooned it as "the Department of Timidity and Inaction".

Ministers Edit

From To Minister of Economic and Business Affairs Years of service
30 LC (622 KC) ? Sir Thomas Havelok ?
? ? Captain Kayle Ravelle ?
? 26 August Lady Jenelle Fault ?
7 April 32 LC (624 KC) 20 October 32 LC (624 KC) Sir Aramal Blackstone >1
32 LC (624 KC) 33 LC (625 KC) Miss Sky Bloodbath >1

Associations Edit

The Ministry of Trade has number of associated subjects. Through the Kingdom of Stormwind with: Exodar, Gnomeragan, Gilneas, Ironforge, Dalaran, Darnassus, Kingdom of Kul Tiras, Arathor, Shattrath City, Consortium (Ethereal group), the Argent Crusade, Silver Convenant.

Thorugh individuals or other contacts: Kalu'ak, Ramkahen (Tol'vir tribe), Wildhammer Clan, Stormwind Masons' Guild, Venture Trading Company, The Steamwheedle Cartel, Braintrust of Orbital Operations and Mechanics, Smokywood Pastures, Brew of the Month Club, Darkmoon Faire.

In addition, there are also a number of 'directorates' for Internal and Foreign Affairs and the Registration of Companies and Guilds Department.

Coinage System Reform Edit

In 32 LC, Minister Blackstone proposed a new and Unified System of Coinage for the Kingdom of Stormwind. The project was laid before the other Councillors, but it was never reviewed.

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