Moonglade Arcana
Moonglade Arcana




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Forms of Consumption


Type of Psychoactive



Moonglade Arcana is a powerful hallucinogen mushroom which naturally grows in the undergrowth of Moonglade. Although they have been found to exist in several other locations, the large bulk exists in Moonglade. The blue tinge of the Moonglade Arcana is it's most recognisable feature. The mushroom requires little attention and therefore makes it easy to cultivate in the right conditions. Each mushroom contains around 5% of the psychoactive compound.


The Moonglade Arcana mushroom contains a powerful chemical which acts as an extremely potent agonist of serotonin receptors. This leads to a wide variety of positive and some negative effects. The positive effects are perceptual distortions - an ecstatic feeling, a sense of connection to others and nature, spiritual transcendence and sometimes distortion of time and space. Many people take to using Moonglade Arcana repeatedly, to be enveloped by the feeling of spiritual connection to his or her surroundings. This is quite common, and the only form of "addiction" present. The negative effects are pupil dilation, increased heart rate and the odd chance for a bad trip. There have also been some cases of insanity.


Although relatively simple to grow, they are hard to acquire, and on the streets of Stormwind they often fetch 1 gold per a quarter gram of mushroom.

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