&nbsp The dwarven religion about the Titans (Frejva help me to finish it <3 )

The Creation of the DwarvesEdit

When Khaz'Goroth the Creator had forged Azeroth he created the dwarves, the troggs and the mountian gigants. The dwarves were his most loved creation and he concidered them his own children. He forged their bodies and souls out of pure thorium and made them hard and resilient to be able to thrive in the harsh world of the young Azeroth. The Dwarves were by this time Earthens and their bodies was not yet made of flesh and blood. When Khaz'Goroth had finished the creation of the dwarfs he let Eonar the Life-Binder bless them with the Gift of Life and left them to sleep in the deep caverns of Khaz'Modan (Mountinas of Khaz'Goroth). After a millenia in their deep slumber the dwarves awoke and found to their supprise that their bodies had turned from stone to flesh. They now left their deep caverns and set out in the world to find Khaz'Goroth who was their master.

These early dwarves never found their creator but deep within the mountian they found the place for the Great Forge on which they had been created. In a cavern directly above this forge they founded the city which is now known as Old Ironforge. As their population increased they creted the new Ironforge over the old one. Nowdays Old Ironforge only serves as a burial place for the Kings. The legend fortell, however, that the holy Anvil of Khaz'Goroth one day shall be found deep under the caverns of Old Ironforge.

Since the dwarves couldn't find Khaz'Goroth nor his holy forge they now built the first shrine to Khaz'Goroth. I was place in the very center of the world, at the Great Forge and is nowdays called The Great Anvil.


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Eonar the Life-Binder


When a dwarf's mortal body dies his or her's soul is summoned to the Halls of the Soulforger, in these halls the dead dwarf finally meets his ancestors and together they spend the eternty in the service of their master Khaz'Goroth.

The Holy Light

Khaz'Goroth in his divine greatness will summon every dwarf to his halls. The path the soul must travel to get there is however a long and dark one. The Light will here provide help and lightnen the path for all the dwarfs who has followed it in life. "Just as you have followed the Light in life, so shall the Light follow you in death." For those who has forsaken the Light it shall be hard, if not impossible to find the Way.

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